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We serve USA clients and most international customers.


Customers are our number one priority. Bitcoin technology will change finance forever and we are excited to help our customers take the first step into this amazing financial ecosystem!


Innovate and expand our services

Add more cryptocurrency pairs other than Bitcoin
Establish ATM machines and software
Expand services to more countries
Automate processes and start the process of a DEFI ICO


What we do

OTCCOINDESK  is over the counter trading desk that makes the buying and selling process as simple as possible. After customers complete their Identity verification, they will be ready to trade. All they have to do is tell us their order, we agree on a price, Send the wire to my bank and we will send the crypto to their wallet

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Security First | Corporate Responsibility

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Security is very important to us. That’s why we verify every trader, exchange and trading desk that signs up on the platform and perform background checks (KYC, AML) to avoid scams.

Whether you are buying your first bitcoin or second, we are here to serve you and make your journey very smooth.

We are committed to abiding by all regulations in jurisdictions we operate to prevent, detect and stop unlawful behavior b customers or developers.  OTCCOINDESK is not a regulated exchange under US securities laws. Delete E and F and leave a space for a picture of video upload 

Quick Response

We will respond within 1 hour of an inquiry and must be through the company email or other social media accounts

Fraud Prevention

We’ve set up proper verification tools to detect suspicious transaction


We are in compliance with all USA regulations. We have strong AML policy, proper KYC verification and follow sanction lists protocol

Skilled Team

Our team is very resourceful & dedicated. They will always put your need first before theirs. We are here to serve you


If you refer someone to us, we will compensate you very generously

Giving Back

We have programs and systems in place to give back to our loyal customers, communities and our followers

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Frequently Asked

We offer varieties, but we do not currently offer privacy anonymous, cannabis Hemp coin

We do not have trade limit

Yes, we verify all our customers

We do service international clients but not from every country

Our fees starts from 3%

Fill out the questionnaire, once we go through the process, we start a trade

Start A Trade

Fill out a form with some easy steps and we will do KYC and approve you.  Once we do so, you can open up a trade on the platform and we will start trading after establishing a timeline to receive your funds.